Technology Development Campus

Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. is extremely please to present it's up coming state-of-the-art Technology Development Campus (TDC). The TDC is an invention incubator and industry development and marketing site focused on the growth of new innovative ideas and products for the betterment of human kind. From conception through development and all the way into practical application and marketing, TDC's ultimate goal is to bring new technological advancements that will benefit our planet's growth and evolution into a sustainable-living future.

The TDC's mission statement is to elevate the world's knowledge and manufacturing base and to provide a channel to promote atypical fabrication utilizing acrylics as an alternative structural material. The potential for acrylics and its extensive potential as a structural material is one of TDC's most important areas of exploration and research. TDC's Age of Acrylic ideology is to take acrylics to the forefront of the manufacturing industry for sustainability, futuristic structural engineering design. The unparallel versatility of acrylic is already under scrutiny and it has already demonstrated to be an extraordinary material with exceptional manufacturing properties and fabrication applications.

Furthermore, TDC's vision for sustainability and green living aligns with Global's mission to thrust human living on, above, and beneath the oceans' waters. The TDC is a center for exploration and futuristic design thinking, it grants inventors, scientists and engineers from around the world the space and liberty to explore the solutions required to overcome the challenges of sub-sea living.

Idea Incubator

Every new technology developed by the TDC is the product of not only experts, scientists, and engineers, but also everyday creative people with incredible minds and imagination who can think exceptional ideas. The TDC welcomes all thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs from all backgrounds around the world to participate, everyone is invited to present their creative ideas and compete for the possibility of becoming recipients of a TDC Development Grant.

Interested individuals will apply for an invitation to present their brilliant product ideas in front of a TDC Selection Panel (TDCSP) of experts. Chosen candidates will have an opportunity to discuss their ideas and answer questions the TDCSP may find pertinent for each particular case. The TDCSP will evaluate each invention and make a decision according to the pragmatic value of the invention.

After being chosen to become a TDC Inventor on Duty (TDCID), each TDCID is paired with a TDC Expert Team (TDCET), they together will work and closely collaborate to bring the idea into fruition. Each TDCET is carefully selected according to their discipline of knowledge and experience in order to provide the best collective of expertise that will make each product a success in the market place and the world. After successful project completion and market introduction, each TDCID will receive royalties for their newly developed products and will have gained the means to manage and maintain their production.

The TDC provides temporary housing, as requested, for its participants so their involvement and input is not deterred by every day life distractions. While attending the TDC, TDCID participants will receive a grant to cover the expenses of development and living during the entire project life. Participants are embedded into a rich scientific and engineering environment specifically designed to boost the imagination, ideation and discovery process. It is imperative for participants to be determine and committed to become fully involved and focused in the development of their projects. Each TDCID participant is encouraged to collaborate and learn while working hands on to bring their ideas to the marketplace and the entire world.

The TDC platform's center of attention is directed towards its products' uniqueness and the potential benefits they provide to humanity. Other aspects taken into consideration are the marketability of the products, viability of manufacturing, current competitive landscape, and the product's advancement roadmap.

The TDC Site

The TDC site is located about 45 minutes north of Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the country and a hub for energy technologies and emerging industries. Situated in an area surrounded by peaceful pine woods near Lake Conroe, the TDC is isolated from the distractions of the world, but only minutes away from great city entertainment. The complex is entrenched with recreational areas and green pasture parks where participants can nurture their imagination and expand their creativity. The TDC also offers access to a sports facility fitted with the latest exercise equipment, a place design for people to unwind and take a break while exercising and socializing with other colleague inventors. Participants will also benefit from the TDC Medical Center facility where they can obtain the best medical care available while attending the TDC.

The TDC complex is home to a number of facilities dedicated to the incubation, development and marketing of new products. The campus is comprise of state-of-the-art design studios, research banks and prototype manufacturing and testing facilities where participants can get involved in the conception, research, development, testing, validation and marketing of their products as well as collaborate with colleague inventors and developers.

The TDC site also houses of a variety of other buildings containing research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, modern computer centers, a state-of-the-art 3D printing studio, machine shops, wood shops, an extensive material library, chemistry, physics and engineering laboratories, presentation halls, meeting classrooms, staff offices and many other facilities outfitted with the best office, research and manufacturing equipment any industry can offer.

TDC Collaboration

The Technology Development Campus also welcomes institutions of higher learning to be involved and collaborate in research studies and project development. The TDC complex is an open source for high schools, colleges, universities and technical schools all over the globe. Every technology and investigation completed behind TDC's doors is readily accessible by public institutions and opened for further research and development.

In addition, every industry from transportation, tourism and construction, to energy and shipping, are all invited and encourage to joining forces with the TDC. Rather than offering isolated solutions for a handful of current issues or problems, the TDC seeks to interface and overlap every industry in the planet with the common goal of providing new articulated solutions for the most troubling issues presently being confronted by our planet's infrastructure and way of living.

The achievement of TDC's vision of guiding the world towards the next industrial revolution is only possible through a multi-disciplinary collaboration and global involvement from every industry in the world.

The TDC is also a proud partner of Global Oceanic Designs Inc. Global's vision and determine focus is to drive and assist in the creation of the world's first fully automated and self-sufficient under water city. Global is already at the forefront of hull design and acrylic structural engineering directed to creating a living sub-sea environment.

Global is also the owner of the X-Wave Tank Facility, located in the vicinity of the TDC. A premiere wave tank aquatic facility, X-Wave is a dedicated ocean and marine environment testing complex. With its innovative Pond Pounder wave makers, the X-Wave tank is capable of replicating many sea states from around the world, ideal for ocean living research and sub-sea technologies development and testing.

TDC Management

The TDC is managed by a not-for-profit organization whose main focus is to seek and provide all necessary funding required for the TDC to complete its mission.

The not-for-profit organization is in charge of awarding Development Grants in order to fund those participants who are chosen to submit their ideas, inventions, and intellectual property for development of new products for the planet. These participants will connect and collaborate with a variety of TDC's own teams of experts each specialized in specific products categories.

TDC is a completely privately funded organization, the TDC counts on the support of interested large industrial and manufacturing companies whose interest is focused in the promotion and development of emerging technologies. In addition, independent investors and philanthropists are also encourage to contribute and invest in the TDC.

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